Environmental & Sustainability

Woolshops Shopping Centre strives to ensure that wherever possible, we implement effective and innovative environmental strategies and measures to reduce consumption and enhance energy efficiency across the common environs of the Centre enhancing our CSR status in the wider community.

Evolve Estates recognises that buildings have a major impact on the environment. We are committed to playing a role in addressing global environment challenges through the investments we make, as well as our day-to-day operations. We have designed internal policies and business practices in consideration for the social, environmental and economic impact of our operations. At Woolshops Shopping Centre, we collaborate with tenants, property managers and service providers to ensure the best sustainable solution to the management of the centre whilst maximising investment performance.

Waste Management

Our customer service team recycle tenants’ cardboard and plastic waste, as well as wood pallets. Our waste contractor Saica Natur has a policy of 100% recycling of our other waste. Green Recycling is mindful of its obligation to recycle and takes this responsibility very seriously. The decrease of landfill space available, coupled with the increase of Government recycling legislation placed upon businesses means that companies must look at new ways to dispose of their waste streams. Green Recycling has a range of innovative systems such as the “recycle all” bin that can recycle more of your waste whilst reducing costs.

Climate Change and Energy Management

All malls and service yards have the benefit of good (and free!) natural light during the daylight period. Lighting is controlled via time clocks, photo-electric cells or movement detectors where applicable. Socket outlets in public areas are locked to prevent unauthorised use and for safety purposes. Power factoring devices are used in plant rooms. Utility service providers are centrally procured negotiating favourable tariffs. The Centre has an ongoing programme of conventional lighting replacement to LED.


All common areas benefit from good (and free!) natural light during the day. Lighting is controlled via time clocks, photo-electric cells or movement detectors. Socket outlets in public areas are locked for safety to prevent unauthorised use. Power factoring fitted in plant rooms. All non-essential equipment switched off when not in use enhancing equipment life/reducing energy consumption. All radiators individually thermostatically controlled. Water heating via PV solar panel system.

Water Management

Internal supplies are metered, as are external standpipes which are also locked secure when not in use.

IS0 14001

Woolshops Shopping Centre is ISO14001 accredited. This is an International Standard, accredited to businesses who demonstrate their commitment to sustainable activities. The system provides the framework to allow us to meet increasingly high customer expectations of corporate responsibility as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

Other Environmental Initiatives

Winner of Green Apple Award 2016 and Green World Ambassador registered 2017. A donation was made on the winner’s behalf to Green Earth Appeal whose planting in emerging nations not only help the environment and wildlife, but also creates job opportunities for the local populations.


All initiatives communicated to tenants/external agencies via e-newsletters, press releases, other social media platforms and the website.